Terms of Use

The Livebuy General Terms of Service (including the Livebuy Privacy Policy and various guidelines which are linked hereto, collectively the "Terms") are contractual terms which shall be entered into by Livebuy Company Limited (the "Company") and any user ("User") who uses the Livebuy service (the "Services").

1. Definitions

The following words and terms shall have the meanings set forth below when they are used in these Terms and Conditions:

1.1. "Livebuy Account" means the account of the "Livebuy" service operated by the Company.

1.2. "LINE Account" means the definition in the LINE Terms of Service.

1.3. "Telegram Account" means the definition in the Telegram Terms of Service.

1.4. "Partners" refer to providers of goods or services listed on the Service, organizers of promotional activities, advertisers, stores, and other partners of the Company in this Service.

1.5. "Content" refers to text, voice, music, pictures, videos, software, programs, codes and information presented or transmitted in any other way.

2. Agreement to these Terms and Conditions

2.1. All Users shall use the Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Users may not use the Services unless they agree to these Terms and Conditions.

2.2. Users who are minors may only use the Services by obtaining prior consent from their parents or legal guardians. Furthermore, if Users will be using the Services on behalf of, or for the purposes of, a business enterprise, then such business enterprise must also agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to using the Services.

2.3. If there are Separate Terms and Conditions applicable to the Services, Users shall also comply with such Separate Terms and Conditions as well as these Terms and Conditions in using the Services.

3. Modification to these Terms and Conditions

The company may change these terms at any time within the scope of the purpose of this service when it deems necessary. The company will announce the changes on the service or the company's official website, or notify users of the changes and the effective date of the changes by other means. Changes to these terms will take effect on the effective date of the changes announced or notified by the company.

4. Account

4.1. A Livebuy or LINE or Telegram account is required to use this service. If you apply for a Livebuy, LINE or Telegram account without registering your phone number and email address in advance, you will not be able to log in to this service. Regarding the management of Livebuy, LINE or Telegram accounts and other Livebuy or The use of the LINE or Telegram account is subject to the Livebuy or LINE or Telegram terms of service agreed by the user when applying for the Livebuy or LINE or Telegram account, please confirm together.

4.2. Users understand that because this service requires the use of Livebuy, LINE or Telegram accounts, if users cannot use Livebuy, LINE or Telegram accounts, they cannot use this service and the official subscription notification service.

4.3. If the Livebuy or LINE or Telegram account is suspended or deleted due to the user's failure to comply with the terms of service of Livebuy or LINE or Telegram or for any other reason, the user will not be entitled to the service from the time of the suspension or deletion of the Livebuy or LINE or Telegram account. All rights to use the service shall be extinguished for any reason, and the use history and records of this service cannot be restored. Even if the user accidentally deletes the account, the original account and usage history and records cannot be recovered, please pay attention.

5. Privacy

5.1. The company respects the privacy of users and will properly handle user information in accordance with these terms and the Livebuy privacy policy.

5.2. Users understand that when using this service, the Livebuy privacy policy applies. The company will manage the information collected from users in a secure manner and take strict measures for security management.

6. Provision of the Service

6.1. This service collects, compiles, and analyzes the contents of various commodities or services on the e-commerce platform of partners independent of the company. Therefore, this service itself does not include commodities or services sold or provided by partners. Users purchase such products or services. When purchasing goods or services, it is linked to a partner (ie seller) of its choice through this service, and purchasing goods or services directly from the partner is not purchasing goods or services from the company. Users understand that the company is not obligated to The User ships or provides any goods or services that the User purchases from the Partner.

6.2. The content provided in this service and all rights related to this service (including but not limited to intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark, patent, etc.) belong to the company or a third party authorized to use by the company. (including partners).

6.3. The company authorizes users to use the service in accordance with these terms and the terms or conditions of use recorded in the service. The user shall not transfer or inherit the right to use the service to a third party.

6.4. Users shall supply PCs, mobile phone devices, smartphones and other communication devices, operating systems, communication methods and electricity, etc. necessary for using the Services at their own responsibility and expense.

6.5. The company may provide all or part of the service to eligible users at any time according to the age of the user, whether the user has completed the identity verification, whether the user has registered or updated information, and other conditions deemed necessary by the company. The user shall not claim any damages or losses against the company due to the company's decision on whether to provide services after judging the above conditions.

7. Partner services

The partner and responsibilities related to the goods, services or content provided by the partners or other operators through the service are solely the responsibility of the partners or other operators. To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws, the company will not bear any responsibility.

8. Prohibited conduct

8.1. The Company prohibits the following acts in this service (hereinafter referred to as "prohibited acts"): ① Acts of canceling orders multiple times or consecutively; ② Acts that may be obtained by improper means; ③ Interfering with or hindering the Company or the Service Acts of operation (including but not limited to illegal access, transmission of harmful programs) or acts that damage the company's credit; ④Use or make other customers or third parties use the service for illegal purposes; ⑤Without the consent of the company Acts of tampering with the information and content provided by the company in this service; ⑥ Acts of violence, threatening words and deeds, or improper requests to the company or partners; ⑦ Violation of the intellectual property rights of the company or partners ⑧ Acts that violate any applicable laws, Internet-related practices or public order and good morals, or are in danger of violating them; ⑨ Other acts that violate any of the terms of these Terms; Behavior.

8.2. When the user has any of the following conditions, the company shall deal with it in accordance with the provisions of 8.4. ①When administrative detention is imposed due to overdue tax payment, etc.; ②When refusal of transactions is notified by the clearing house; When legal clearance procedures such as clearance procedures are initiated, or when such procedures are initiated; or ⑤ When user identity verification cannot be performed, or when it is significantly difficult to perform identity verification, or when it is impossible to confirm the identity of the user after performing identity verification.

8.3. The user agrees that the company may review the information and content disclosed or transmitted by the user in order to confirm whether the user has any prohibited behavior.

8.4. When the company judges that the user has the prohibited behavior specified in 8.1, or any of the situations in 8.2, the company may take the following actions without prior notification to the user. The company is not responsible for any damage or disinterest arising from such disposals by the user, nor is it responsible for restoring it to its original state. ① Warning, warning; ② Delete information; ③ Stop providing all or part of this service; ④ Stop using or delete Livebuy account; or ⑤ Other actions that the company deems necessary and appropriate.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1. The software or programs used by the company, all the content on the webpage, including but not limited to writings, pictures, files, information, data, application/web page structure, application/web page layout, application/web page design etc., the company or other rights holders legally own its intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how, etc. Without the consent of the company or other rights holders, no one may Self-use, modification, reproduction, public broadcast, public transmission, public performance, adaptation, distribution, distribution, publication, public release, restoration engineering, decompilation or reverse translation, implementation, or other intellectual property related laws. behavior.

9.2. If users want to quote or reprint the aforementioned software, programs or web page content, they must obtain the prior written consent of the company or other rights holders in accordance with the law, unless expressly permitted by law.

9.3. If the user violates the provisions of this article, the company shall be liable for damages.

9.4. The user agrees that when using the service, for any content published, published, or transmitted on the service webpage/app or Livebuy, it guarantees that it does not violate copyright law, trademark law, other intellectual property rights regulations or other regulations.

9.5. If the user is involved in infringement, the company may suspend all or part of the service, or delete the user's account at any time.

9.6. When the company believes that the content provided by the user violates the relevant laws or the provisions of these terms or is in danger of being violated, or has other business needs, the company and its designee have the right to remove the content without prior notice to the user. such content.

10. Handling of Customer Information

The user agrees that if the company believes that the user has violated the laws or these terms (including but not limited to when the company intervenes in the problem based on 8.4) or the company deems it necessary to investigate or cooperate with the improper use of the service, or criminal investigation When necessary, the company may, to the extent necessary, disclose the registration information, transaction record information and Other necessary information.

11. Non-Warranty and Disclaimer

11.1. The content presented in this service, in addition to the content provided, compiled or analyzed by the company, including but not limited to the content of the partner's goods or services and the advertisements published, are provided by the partner. In the legal permission Within the scope, the company does not undertake any express or implied commitment or guarantee for the authenticity, legality, completeness, timeliness, etc. of such content.

11.2. No matter express or implied, the company does not guarantee that the service is free from factual or legal defects (including security, reliability, correctness, completeness, effectiveness, suitability for a specific purpose, information security, etc. omissions, errors or bugs, infringement of rights, etc.).

11.3. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to users by the Service, except for the damages caused by the Service to the User due to the Company's intentional or gross negligence.

12. Suspension, change and termination of this service

12.1. The user agrees that the company, the settlement agency, the collection agency, or its partners perform system maintenance or obstacle handling related to the provision of this service or related services, natural disasters and other force majeure factors, or other events that the company judges. If necessary, the company may suspend the provision of all or part of the service after notifying the user in advance (but not in case of emergency).

12.2. The company reserves the right to change or terminate all or part of the service at any time according to its own business judgment.

12.3. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage or unfavorable benefit to the user caused by the suspension, change or termination of the service caused by the preceding two items, except for the liability caused by the Company's intentional, gross negligence or other legally mandated liabilities .

Last updated: 2022-11-10