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All-in-one e-commerce solution
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Smart Video Shopping System

Turn Your Video into Profit

In the era of multimedia, even the "sales model" of goods has evolved!

Shop While Watch Across All-access

Optimize video sales with our innovative e-commerce tool – a one-stop solution for stable monetization. Precise ads and rapid customer outreach double your shopping and orders!

Short Video Trend

Revolutionize e-commerce with our tool, combining short video trends to your website. Easily monetize across social platforms – stay on trend effortlessly!

Big Leap in Video E-commerce!

E-commerce revolution with Livebuy! Upgrade your site seamlessly with AI subtitles, smart plugins, and video players. Dive into the new era of video e-commerce!

Product Remarketing Anytime

No need to worry if customers miss the live. They can easily watch video anytime with the 'watch and buy' feature. One-click access ensures they find products easily!

The New Weapon in the Era of E-commerce!

Video E-commerce Strategies

Meeting consumer habits is the most useful tool for customer retention.

Trusted by Major Brands

Increase conversion value by up to 217%

Try Livebuy for essential customer acquisition in the new era. Join us!

Easy for E-commerce Beginners

Integrated 'Watch and Buy' player

Seamless video ordering with an intuitive shopping experience!

Video E-commerce Leaps Forward!
Upgrade Your Store Now

Upgrade effortlessly with smart video tools on your website
User-friendly! 'Watch and Buy' suits your customers
Perfect integration with your store and order data

'Watch and Shop' in Videos

Ultra-intuitive shopping for e-commerce beginners!
Enhanced experience with video product integration
Click to seamlessly browse and order products with ease

Product Import and Synchronize

Automatically link with existing products and inventory data
Easy management, 24/7 repurchasing across channels
One-click import to resume checkout in their current cart

Automatic AI-subtitles

Unrestricted viewing, innovative and time-saving
Chinese, and English mixed recognition is possible
Even without sound, you can understand the sales content

Cart Remarketing

One-click notification to remind customers to check out
Awaken opportunities dormant in the shopping cart
Support for LINE, Telegram, SMS

More Features Useful for You

One-click to Products' Timestamp

One-click for product highlights, no need to watch the entire 3-4 hours live broadcast, tailored to target consumers.

Subscribe to Notifications

Boost user engagement with interest-based subscriptions, broadcast alerts, and checkout reminders, enticing fans to return!

Using Videos to Collect Customers

Attract customers from any platform with one-stop video order collection, offering limitless integration and diverse applications.

Traffic-Intergration Tool

Free service designed for 'Social + E-commerce,' includes built-in "LinkCard" with video for convenient traffic directing.

1-on-1 Conversation

Swift, transparent communication. Live agents available instantly to address any system issues for VIP-style service.

Ads Precision Marketing

Integrate social media for video shopping, utilize cross-platform data for precise ads, attract and convert target customers.

How Your Customer Buy Your Products

Effortlessly increase sales performance

Three-step from videos to begin checkout.

Smart retail evolution! Entering a new era of video and live commerce

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Supports Major E-Commerce Platforms or Your Own Sites